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 本文摘要:Host: Entertainment is going digital. Music 2)succumbed first and fastest. Movies are now 3)rippable and downloadable to watch anytime, anywhere. And, after much 4)resistance, the 5)stubborn paper book is finally beginning to give itself o


Host: Entertainment is going digital. Music 2)succumbed first and fastest. Movies are now 3)rippable and downloadable to watch anytime, anywhere. And, after much 4)resistance, the 5)stubborn paper book is finally beginning to give itself over to the digital revolution. Last year 5% of the books bought in the US and UK were digital ones, a combination of audio books and e-books. Now that’s obviously small, but it is growing. Now libraries are beginning to offer so-called e-lending, something which started in the US and has made its way across the Atlantic. Now around a quarter of British libraries offer digital book 6)loans.主持人:娱乐业于是以南北电子化。音乐是年所也是最慢屈服的。如今电影可以在任何时间任何地点被拷贝和iTunes来看。



如今英国有约四分之一的图书馆获取电子书的阅览服务。Fiona Marriott (Luton Library): We’ve noticed that, with e-books, we’re getting a new kind of customer in: people who felt that they were too busy to use the library before, or, for example, people who commuted into London every day who were too busy to come in in the evening or too tired, and I have at least two blind customers who are downloading their own audio books now. And they say that’s given them freedom, so that they can actually make their own choice without having to come to the library with a guide.菲奥纳·马里奥兹(卢顿图书馆):我们注意到,有了电子书后,我们取得了一个新的用户群:以前总感觉太忙而不了用于图书馆的人们,或者比如说,曾多次每天合精于伦敦市,整天到晚上无法来图书馆又或者过于疲乏的人们。而我最少有两位失聪的用户现在正在iTunes他们自己的有声书。

他们说道这种方式给了他们权利,因此他们可以实实在在地做到他们自己的要求而不用不须和一行一起来图书馆。Host: Overdrive is the digital book 8)distributor used by 13,000 libraries worldwide. You can log on to your library through a web browser or using the 9)Smartphone 10)App, and then browse an on-line collection of books. When you see something you like, just click to download it. E-lending means your library is open 11)24/7. No money is spent on staff to issue books or return them to shelves, there are no damaged or lost copies, and there are no late returns.主持人:Overdrive是全球一万三千座图书馆用于的电子阅读器经销商。你可以通过网络浏览器或者用于智能手机应用程序指定你的图书馆,然后网页在线藏书。


But surely there’s a bit of a logic problem with libraries loaning e-books. After all, if you want an e-book, you don’t physically have to go anywhere to get it. And you’re also not limited by how much stock there is. There’s always an 12)infinite number of copies of any text that you want to download. And that sounds much more convenient than having to pop down to your local library only to find that the one copy of the book they have is already out.不过图书馆租用电子书的服务毫无疑问还不存在一点逻辑问题。却是如果你是想一本电子书的话,你不必特地去某个地方提供。你也不必受限于该书的库存量,你想iTunes的任何内容都总会有无穷本在那里。

相比你不须去一趟当地图书馆却找到他们所享有的唯一一本早已借出去了,这种方式听得一起要便捷很多。The first point doesn’t help the argument of those hoping to keep libraries open in this time of government spending cuts. If libraries did all their lending over the web, well, you wouldn’t need a physical library at all. And the second point about limitless copies for loan could mean that no one would ever need to actually buy a book at all. And that’s, understandably, worrying the book publishers.在这个政府缩减开支的时候,第一点(使用电子阅览方式)对那些期望让图书馆维持对外开放的人的观点没什么益处。

如果图书馆全部使用网上阅览方式,那么,你将显然不必须一个实体图书馆。而第二点,关于不容许借刊出的本数有可能意味著没有人不会知道去卖一本书。那么理所当然地,这是让图书出版者们忧虑的问题。Richard Mollet (Publisher’s Association UK): This relationship between publishing and libraries is historic, over a hundred years old, and we want it to continue into the e-book future. But we have to ensure that we 13)replicate, as closely as we can, the success of the physical lending model, which is that there’s one book, there’s one user, there’s one time, and in that way you ensure that the lending model doesn’t start to impact upon the retail model.理查德·莫雷兹(英国出版者协会):这种出版业和图书馆之间的关系是历史性的,有一百年多年之幸,而我们想这种关系持续到未来的电子书时代。


但是我们必需保证我们尽量仪器地仿真实体阅览模式的顺利方式,那就是一位用户在一个时间内借一本书,那样你才可以保证这种阅览模式会影响到零售模式。Host: Overdrive attempts to 14)allay those concerns. A local library chooses how many digital copies to purchase and that limits the number of users who can borrow the e-book at one time. When the loan period is up, the book will 15)expire automatically and return itself to the e-library for other 16)patrons to enjoy.主持人:Overdrive仍然企图避免这些担忧。

一座本地图书馆要求了多少本电子版是必须出售的,这就容许了本来曾多次可以通过电子阅览方式读者该书的用户数量。当借书期限一到,此书将自动中止阅览服务,并自动还返电子图书馆以供其他用户阅览。Some libraries use this system: “public library on line”. Here, all reading is done through a web browser; no book is downloaded. You don’t need to worry about the availability of a title either. All books can be accessed by many users at one time. The downside is, if your internet connection disappears, so does your book. Also, reading books on a web browser isn’t easy on the eyes, and most e-readers don’t come with a browser. This is essentially an attempt to tempt the reader into buying the physical book.一些图书馆使用“在线公共图书馆”这种系统,在这里,所有的读者都通过网络浏览器来已完成,没书是iTunes来看的。你也不必担忧书目的可用性,所有书都可以被多名用户同时读书到。


But the Publishing Association goes one step further still, suggesting that library customers should have to physically visit the library to download an e-book.但是出版者协会还是落后一步,建议图书馆用户应当特地去图书馆iTunes一本电子书。Richard: There need be no difference between doing that in the physical world, where you walk out with a physical book under your arm, or in the digital world where you walk out with an e-reader under your arm, which has a book you just downloaded. So, to my mind, if we can at least get that right, get that duplication right, that’s the first step.理查德:无论是你在现实社会中在胳膊底下夹本书回头过来,或是在电子世界里,胳膊底下敲个存在你刚刚iTunes的书的电子阅读器回头过来,都没什么有所不同。所以,依我之闻,如果我们需要最少取得那种权利,取得那种拷贝权,那就迈进了第一步。

Host: But even then, not all are convinced. At the start of the year, one of the biggest publishers in the world, McMillan Publishing US, declared it had no interest in being on libraries’ 17)virtual shelves.主持人:但是尽管那样,也不是所有人都信服此观点。今年年初,世界上仅次于的出版商之一——美国麦克米兰出版发行公司,宣告其对攀上图书馆的虚拟世界书架没什么兴趣。Some libraries are sticking to physical books but with a digital twist. Members of the New York Public Library can reserve a book through its website or, alternatively, click through to buy it from an on-line retailer, and the library gets a cut. Of course this doesn’t help the smaller libraries to remain open in times of huge budget cuts. And if more libraries do end up closing, this could be the way we borrow physical books in the future.一些图书馆仍然坚决要用纸质书,不过可以绑数码产品。